Everyone needs a little Help now and Zen.


Your home should be a place of relaxation, reflection and rejuvenation, a source of pride that fills you with harmony and serenity. If you come home to chaos it becomes reflected in every aspect of your life. Outward clutter is a reflection of inward clutter and is often related to decisions you could be neglecting.

I understand that with a busy lifestyle it’s very easy for items to pile up. Stacks of mail that you haven’t opened, closets filled with clothing no longer worn, garages overflowing with unwanted or ‘someday’ items. It can often make you feel overwhelmed, even embarrassed.

Every object in your home holds energy. Each item has a memory or feeling attached to it. With patience and without judgment I will ask important questions about the items in your space to determine where to clear the negative, useless energy so that you have the clarity to create a beautifully organized Universe.

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