“Holly is supremely helpful in all areas. She helped me organize the morass of my garage, my kitchen utility area, and years of pile-up in my home office.
Holly can get things sorted in a remarkably short time, as well as help you prioritize. Her ability to assess your needs is impressive. Her confidentiality agreement is such a reassurance, but what sets Holly apart is her energy and focus.”

(Garage/Storage, Office, Personal filing systems, Bonus Room)

Marisa Miller, Actor/Writer
Piles of un-filed paperwork? No problem. Disorganized personal office? Easy. Thousands of un-categorized and un-tabulated receipts and bills for taxes? Done. Holly is extremely motivated and motivating, super friendly and fun to work with. She can equally get everything done you need on her own, or help get you moving on stalled projects. I’ve seriously never seen so much accomplished in such an effortless, positive manner than when Holly spends just a couple hours working to turn our chaos into Zen. With my work schedule, I don’t know when or how we would have gotten our taxes ready this year for the accountant if Holly hadn’t just swooped in like an organized Mary Poppins. Highly, highly recommended for small and big projects alike.

(Organizing and Tax prep)

Glenn Sanders, Group Creative Director @ Trailer Park
With all of my being, I can easily and gladly say; Holly Martin is simply the best…a rare and special being who walked into my life with integrity and with a big caring heart, she brought me structure and peace of mind.
I recently moved from Vermont to Southern CA and into a furnished Condo that reminded me of a Florida timeshare. The owners were gracious enough to allow me the freedom to design a living space more suitable to my tastes and needs. From my initial meeting with Holly, I knew I had found the solution. I don’t know the first thing about interior design and wasn’t even sure of what my tastes were but Holly knew just what to ask to pull a vision out of me. From there it became a partnership where Holly did all the work and I could focus on my new job. Holly kept the owners up to date on the project and organized the donation of all replaced furniture. Her attention to detail and ability to translate my desires into reality was truly remarkable. She was able to transform my Condo into a peaceful oasis in no time. Now when I get home from a busy day and open the door I breathe a sigh of relief as I immediately transition from work mode to relaxation mode.

(Concierge/ Organizing/ Decor)

Chuck Podesta, CIO UC Irvine Health
Holly is a miracle worker! I was on the verge of moving but took a friend’s advice and hired her as an organizer instead. She made all the difference; now, everything is in its proper place and I feel great about my living space. Holly is honest, hard-working and a true visionary. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
Lauren Levy Neustadter, Vice President of Production, Twentieth Century Fox
Holly helped me get all of my classroom materials organized. As a teacher I had accumulated so much stuff! My closet is now so accessible and the shelves make sense! All the bins are labeled and she helped me categorize and streamline all my craft and science goodies. Not to mention all the fun we had!
Terra Dean, 2nd Grade Teacher
Holly has a clear vision for any messy situation. Beyond making a person feel comfortable with change, Holly has a real gift for making a person excited to be involved in the process. She incorporated my taste with her refined eye for space and functionality to turn my small, cramped office into an inviting space for creative energy.

(Service: Office Organizing & Personalized filing system)

Betsey Brubaker-Strum, Writer
I was tired of living with my closet, shelves, office and garage in upheaval. Holly was able to work in solutions to fit my needs perfectly. I’ve hugely benefited from all she has implemented. It feels great to be organized. She even gave me the tools to stay organized. She’s fun to work with and brings great ideas to the table.”

(Service: Closet Organizing, Personalized filing system)

Rachel Sage Kunin, Costume Designer
Holly is a godsend. My things were in boxes from a move six months ago, and my living space was in complete chaos. Holly quickly and efficiently whipped my place into shape. More importantly, she gives lots of emotional support during the process, so it is virtually painless.

(Service: Relocation, Un-pack & Organize, Closet solutions & Filing Systems)

Anne Stocking, Actress & Voice Coach
I’ve been lucky to have Holly as my personal organizer for a couple of years now. Every time she comes over I am in awe of all that she can accomplish in a short amount of time. She is efficient, creative, reliable, trustworthy, discreet, friendly, super organized and just a delight to work with. I’ve already referred her to many of my friends and they rave about her too. Even my dogs and cats love her. Her energy is one of calm and lightness. When we moved from a small apartment into our new home, I knew calling Holly would help with getting each room in order. In just one day she accomplished so much. My husband was shocked and thrilled at the transformation! I love having her here and working with her. She motivates me to keep my home more orderly. I also trust her enough to leave her alone and work on her own. I run my own business from home and if it weren’t for Holly, I don’t know what I would do. She helps keep it all together and running smoothly. If you need a personal organizer, Holly is the best person to call!

(Service: Relocation, Un-pack & Organize, Personalized Filing Systems)

Angela Campolla-Sanders, Acting Coach and Casting Director